What is The Lectern?

The Lectern is an undergraduate research review from Thiel College. It is meant to be an academic research journal which is published on www.thelectern.org. The Lectern is sponsored by the DHI and powered by an editorial board. Research projects from undergraduates at Thiel are showcased and highlighted in yearly editions. It is a place where anyone can participate, no matter their year and major.

Why create The Lectern?

The Lectern offers the opportunity to highlight the great work and research efforts of Thiel students. By informing students of the publishing process for research and allowing students to be part of that process, The Lectern offers experience in multiple areas, such as editing, publishing, web design, and research collaboration. Students can proudly publish their research and be recognized in the community for their skills. Members of the editorial board are given the opportunity to review a variety of works and manage the feedback and publication of research in different formats.

Sheila Gross


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