Meet the Editors Issue 1

Meet the team behind The Lectern, Thiel’s Undergraduate Research Review


Hollie Barna ’22-  Business Administration/ Human Resource Management Major, Performing Arts minor

“I’m excited for Thiel to finally have a research journal! I’m also excited to be part of The Lectern to help showcase all the works from all the different majors and minors, and I hope this becomes something that Thiel will continue years from now.” 

Katrina Deckinger ‘22- Biochemistry Major, Medical Biology Minor

“I hope that The Lectern gives students an opportunity to publish works that they might not have the ability to do in a classroom setting. I hope to gain experiences in reviewing and publishing as being part of the editorial board.”

Britney Georgia ‘22-  Neuroscience Major

“The Lectern is going to become a big part of Thiel College. I am honored to have had an important part in its creation.”

Emily Irons ’24- Early Childhood / Special Education

“I decided to be an editor for The Lectern to continue my passion for English and research as well as be a part of something new and unique on campus!”

Sydnee Pilarski ’22- English with a Secondary Education Certificate

“I was very excited to be an editor of The Lectern. This journal exemplifies the interdisciplinary aspects of research that Thiel continuously pushes students to pursue. Being an editor for this journal has been a very rewarding experience that I will be able to apply to my future career in education.”

Jade Rhoads ’23- Neuroscience and Social Psychology, Chemistry Minor, English Certificate

“I wanted to experience something I have never been a part of before. I want to accomplish research in my career, and I wanted to be involved more in the Thiel community by becoming an editor of The Lectern.”

Molly Shepler ’22- English Professional Writing, Business Administration and Fine Arts Minor

For me, working on the first issue of The Lectern was an exciting opportunity to help put together a research journal that is representative of Thiel College and the interdisciplinary nature of the education that its students receive. I am honored to have worked on this project and I know this experience will be beneficial to me well into the future.”

Morgan Wood ’23- “I wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look into the production an academic journal and I am excited to see where The Lectern will go from here.”

The Lectern is sponsored by the Dietrich Honors Institute at Thiel College. All students are welcome to publish and participate.  


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sheila Farr ’10, Assistant Professor or English- “I am thrilled to be the faculty advisor for The Lectern so that I can encourage and support students who are interested in gaining valuable research experience in the undergraduate career. The Lectern is a symbol of Thiel’s commitment to ethical research and leadership.”

DHI Director

Dr. Sheila Nowinski, Director, Dietrich Honors Institute- “My hope is that The Lectern fosters conversation and exchanges about the value of student work. I want our review to encourage students to share their academic projects with wider audiences. Students have the potential to make an impact on the world.”

Sheila Gross


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